A treat for the eyes and the soul: Marou – Faiseurs de chocolat

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Wait a second, I didn’t reveal to you my obsession yet? Here it comes: I’m desperately obsessed with Marou Chocolate, and that for some years now ever since I first encountered this wonderful treasure during my time in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

How could I not fell in love with Marou Chocolate? This bean-to-bar chocolatier, founded by Samuel Maruta and Vincent Maurou in Vietnam, is an experience per se that you have to discover. I guarantee: Marou will become a friend, a special gift or simply something that makes your life more beautiful! {I’m sure I’m not the first one who said such things about Marou Chocolate!}

From every single bar emerges a luscious and distinctive taste. Ba Ria 76% dark chocolate is my favorite and I find it works perfectly with red wine. But for coffee, I prefer Tien Giang 80% single origin with a texture I find slightly “softer” that balances well with a strong espresso. So tell me which “Marou” is your favorite because I’m very curious to know!

Marou chocolate isn’t only top-notch gourmet chocolate but also outstanding packaging design. I’m a huge fan of the {award-winning} bold and gorgeous screen printed wrapping paper by Rice Creative. My confession: I can’t throw the packaging paper away!

This week-end, I thought I could shoot some pics to share with you how Marou Chocolate continues to be a wonderful part of my life ever since…

Enjoy this dear everyone because you can grab Marou at many  gourmet boutiques and coffee shops around the globe.

Where did I grab my bars of Marou Chocolate?
In Ho Chi Minh City at L’Usine and Annam Gourmet.
In Singapore at Robinson de Heeren.
In Sete at L’Epicerie-Sete.
In Berlin at Berliner Kaffeeroesterei.

Photography: La Mangosteen.



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