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If you read my latest post about By Myself handcrafted, then you might have noticed how impressed I was when visiting the atelier and boutique of Ouu Tanawat Kuansuwan, the designer and founder behind this brand.

Recently, I was given the honour to interview this passionate and brilliant designer {Thank you Ouu!} from Bangkok, talking with him about how far designs play a role in his life and the vision that led him to be a humble and accomplished designer!

Hi Ouu, thanks for taking time to chat with La Mangosteen!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work ? (for the readers that might not know you already) And how did you get into designing and making things? When and what was the first impulsion ?

My name is Ouu, designer of By Myself handcrafted where you can find handcrafted leather products, all made by me!
Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed making things. For example, I liked to make gifts for my friends for their birthday. I think it’s a better way than just buying something and it makes them appreciate the gift even more! That makes me happy!
Later, after graduating from university, I decided to open my first shop, selling decorative items like photo frames, vases, lamps. All made by myself! That was 10 years ago! After a few years, I started to focus uniquely on leather.

What/who does usually inspire you in your creative process?

My inspiration comes from myself. When I do a new design, I first think about myself using it, then I make a few prototypes before making the final product.

If you had to describe your design in 3 words, what would they be?

Durable, simple, funtional.

You are working with different materials, but mostly with leather. What does fascinate you the most about leather?

I love leather because it’s unique. Each piece is different. And after using it for a long time, you can see a beautiful patina.

Lately, you’ve been working with Italian leather. Why did you choose leather from Italy?

The quality of Italian leather convince me, and also, it is aging very well. Good leather not only looks good when it’s new, but it especially gets better looking over time.

Are there other type of materials you would like to explore in the future ?

I like wood. If I wasn’t a leather craftsman, I would be a carpenter making wooden decorative items.

Currently, what is your favourite item from your collection and could you explain the readers why?

I like the card wallet, it’s a simple design, small but functional.

It’s very impressive that behind By Myself, there is only “one man”. What is the reason why you’re keeping your business small and choose to be responsible for everything?

I know it’s a hard work(12 hrs/day) but you will never get tired or bored if you love what you do.

There are many places in BKK but you chosed Asiatique for your boutique. What were the motivations for this choice? And are you happy with it?

Before Asiatique I was at JJ market, the customers  and the atmosphere are different. At Asiatique, it’s more relaxed and very convenient for me.

You have a lot of fans coming to your boutique at Asiatique (including La Mangosteen!). What nationalities do you see the most in your boutique?

Mostly Asians, Hong Kong and Singapore are big fans as well.

How do you see the future of By Myself, what are your plans ?

My plans are to focus on product design, to go slow and to keep being creative!

Finally, do you have a word you’d like to say to the readers or maybe to future designers ?

The most important thing is to love what you do, and to be true to yourself!



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