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Boracay in low season.

It’s our first time in the Philippines and we’re just amazed by the beautiful landscape here. Seems like all the predictions we heard came true: “You’ll see, it’s the best beach in South East Asia!”, “Philippines people are naturally the friendliest!”, “You’ll love the snorkeling spots!” etc.

Although July is considered as a low-season month, we still got to enjoy the turquoise, crystal clear water, the blue sky with its breathtaking clouds constellation, the underwater world that I knew only from TVs. No matter how long you stay in Boracay, I would highly recommend an island round-trip with the traditional sailing boat ( Paraw sails)! You’ll see: it’s a wonderful island, a precious piece of nature that needs to be protected!

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NOOK – Moonlight dinner in a rice field & more.

Nook Smoothie Bowl

Moonlight dinner in a rice field. Does this speak to you? If yes, then you should consider NOOK, because this restaurant has everything to become your favourite spot for comfort food with an amazing view in Bali Seminyak. The cosy place is surrounded by the beautiful rice fields near Umalas. Lush green, quiet, peaceful and serene is how you can describe the setting.
It happens that we love to come here not for dinner, but at any time of the day and at any occasion whenever we are in Seminyak. Be it for brunch, for a drink or dinner, the team of NOOK always treated us well with many of their home-made dishes. The menu combines typical Asian and Western delights. I highly recommend eggs benedict or Avocado sandwich for breakfast, beef rendang for lunch and for dinner, you have to try their BBQ dishes! For vegetarians: NOOK just recently introduced a few delicacies with fried tofu and grilled veggie. (Yum!)

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Hey Camel ceramics

hey camel ceramics 4
hey camel ceramics 5

As I share a deep love for ceramics, I couldn’t help myself but swoon over the beautiful works of Hey Camel ceramics, a ceramic studio in Ho Chi Minh City which offers also ceramics workshop for old and young.

Alejandro is the face behind Hey Camel Ceramics and his designs are full of sensibility and surprises. I love the way he explores the shapes and textures or includes striking pattern in the pots, cups and spoons he creates. Especially, believe it or not, the colours and textures of Hey Camel ceramics make me feel calm and relaxed. How strange and beautiful! Alejandro, may I ask you for your glazing recipe? Please 🙂

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Ho Chi Minh City’s best Vietnamese and Thai restaurants – A Guide

I previously shared with you my favourite spots in Ho Chi Minh City in my last City Guide {missed it? Check out here! } and you already know how surprising this city can be! Family owned restaurants nestled on rooftops, cute coffee shops tucked behind hidden alleyways, chilled-out bars on riverside. Well, it seems like this city can treat you really well! At least, that’s what we feel every time we come back here.

1. Secret Garden – Roof Top restaurant, Top Floor, 158 Pasteur, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


One of the spot you don’t want to miss is definitely Secret Garden restaurant, this wonderful place on the rooftop of a historical building. The entrance is a bit hidden, and you have to take the stairs to reach the 6th level, but once you’ve arrived and gotten inside, you will forget all the efforts you had to put in to find this place! Will it be the light, the green surroundings or the home-cooked food that will strike you the most? The most important thing is: you can sit at any corner, you can order anything on the menu and everything just feels right!

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Best things to do in Langkawi

I’m sure you’ve heard many good things from Langkawi and its archipelago of 99 islands. Pristine beaches, incredible wildlife and rock formations, jungle with waterfalls and a variety of species. All that sounds like a unique paradise that is waiting for me. Only about one hour flight from Singapore, it was the perfect destination for a long week-end getaway. I really enjoyed my stay on this small heaven. In fact, I wasn’t against the idea of being trapped here… It was that mix of tranquility but also fun and adventure in Langkawi that I will miss once leaving!

Here are some of my favourite things I did on the island. Maybe yours soon as well?

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Peace – Oriental Tea House in Bangkok

You don’t have to be a fan of Japan to fall in love with Matcha and tea related things. Especially when it comes to tea ceremonies, I can’t help myself but being completely amazed. Take your time and breath because there might be one place in Bangkok that will make your eyes wonder and your heart flutter… Come down to see, taste, smell – and smile – at Peace –  Oriental Tea House! Zen. Promised!

PS: Don’t you think this place is very well-designed as well?

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The hidden charm of Tiong Bahru

If you follow La Mangosteen then you might have noticed how much I enjoy spending time in one of the oldest neighbourhood of Singapore – Tiong Bahru. Why? Simply because there are so many things to discover in this unique area of Singapore. It always feels a bit like taking a leap into the old time where Singapore wasn’t a metropolis yet. Low-rise art deco buildings with rounded corners. Spiral staircases. Hidden entrances. It’s hard to believe some of the architecture features are from the 30s. History is right here people! Come down and see!

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