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Kokois – Cafe. Bistro. Concept Store.

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Chaos. People. Myriad of motorbikes. Things you might associated with Ho Chi Minh City, on the first sight. All this is tiring and restless, you think? But gems are there; tucked in the backyard of old colonial houses, hidden between small lush green alleyway, or often on rooftops. Have you read my article about the top 10 places in Ho Chi Minh City? Check it out and you’ll see!

I don’t live in this buzzling city anymore, I sometimes miss it and was therefore so happy that a friend sent over some pics from Kokois Cafe and Concept Store. Located in Thao Dien district 2 and in a former warehouse, this place is spacious, minimally decorated and it has a lot of lights! {That’s my cup of tea!} KoKois also houses a large and varied collection of local and international designers with an emphasize on handmade and fair-trade design.

I already can’t wait until my next visit to Ho Chi Minh City to explore this gem! You wanna join?


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Artistry space – art gallery x cafe

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If you just want to soak up the artsy and creative spirit in Singapore, visit Artistry space near Bugis and the Arab street area. Just walking along Victoria street during the night, you won’t miss the crowd of people chilling outside, having their aperitif and enjoying the live performances of local and international artists. I like very much their Jazz nightCould it be the kind of tune you want to accompany your night?

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The unusal district of Singapore: 7 hidden gems in Geylang to discover

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Located at center-east of Singapore, Geylang can be considered as a very unusual district in town. It’s  a heaven for people loving frog-porridge  and other local delights. It is also a never-ending massive construction site and a part of it also happens to be a red-light district. People say that Geylang is very busy and they might be right. But in between this hustle and bustle, you will be surprised to find many places to hang out and have a good time. Here are 7 hidden gems for you to check out!

Come down to Lorong Geylang 29 to see that this street has no residential houses but only temples side by side. Lor 29 is iconic, but throughout Geylang, religious buildings and associations can be found at almost each corner.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Read More

Lazy Sunday in old town

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Yong Siak street is located in the old neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru in Singapore, now becoming one the the hippest area in town {or in the world? – listed by Vogue as “coolest neighbourhood”}. But it’s not the reason why it gained my heart! Actually, Yong Siak is small and short, and you probably won’t need more than 5 minutes to walk up and down the street.

However, I always spend more than 5 minutes here, often the whole afternoon to be exact. I call this place “Magical Yong Siak”, because it has everything to sweeten my lazy Sundays in old town.

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Take a break at Brawn&Brains!

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As I mentioned in my last post, Geylang has much more to offer than people can imagine. Let me introduce to you Brawn&Brains, a cute and cozy Cafe with lovely ambience and owners. It’s a place to enjoy and embrace life, with a good cup of coffee and home-made food. (Exactly! Nice Cafes aren’t only located in Tiong Bahru or Holland Village!)

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