Europeans beware! It’s not Gallic or Roman but the finest Singaporean craftsmanship!

Europeans beware! These are not Gallic or Roman accessories but the finest designs handcrafted in Singapore! It’s Stale&co!

This stunning bracelet “Kriss cuff” for men was meticulously hand-forged and hammered to texture from brass. And I can’t help but being jealous of the people wearing this, because until not so long ago, it was only available for men. {Yes ladies, they are now available in our wrist size as well!}

Photo: La Mangosteen

Stale&co. also embraces the philosophy of passion, craftsmanship and finest metal smith techniques where aesthetics and quality simply go hand in hand. The label also impresses with other eye-catching masculine pieces. Perfect for everyday’s wear, it’s equally a pleasure to look at. Gents be assured, we ladies find these designs classy!

Photos: Stale&co.

Note: Stale&co. is the male counterpart of Stelliyah, two distinct labels running under the same umbrella by the designers and founders Stella and Daryl.

Find them online or at Kapok or  Threadbare&Squirrel if you are around Arab street area near Bugis in Singapore.



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