A personal story of nougat

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– How do you become a nougat hater?

Nougat can be found in different variations. The nougat that I knew from my childhood in Germany was made with cacao and hazelnut. Its colour was therefore dark brown.

Nougat was very popular amidst the German (and Austrian) confiserie culture, but I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan. Neither the taste nor the consistency would meet my desire, it was always (!!!) way too sweet, sometimes too chewy. Unlike me, people I knew seemed to fancy nougat very much. Be it Easter or Christmas, nougat was everywhere, and very much to my disappointment.

However, I have to mention one little detail that made my relationship with nougat fairly difficult. My I-am-the-biggest-nougat-fan-in-the-world grandma couldn’t resist offering me quite a few piles of nougats on all festive occasions. The result was fatal, as not only did it not help me to sympathize with nougat, but it also turned me into a nougat hater over the years.

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Later, when I moved to France for my studies, I still had the impression that nougat simply continued following me all the way. Knowing my dislike for nougats, my friends in France tried to convince me that their nougat had to be better than the German one.

“At least, you should try the famous nougat from Montelimar. It’s made with honey and almond from Provence!” they assured me.

“You will see, the taste of Montelimar’s nougat is completely different to the one that you know. It’s softer and crunchier because of the added roasted almonds.” – another convincing argument.

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My sympathy for those French buddies, always craving good food, pushed me to give in on one occasion. We were heading to Southern France and our train transited through Montelimar. And what better thing to do while waiting in this city than trying their famous nougat?

It was true what my friends said; I indeed prefer the honey to hazelnut as a distinct ingredient, as the consistency was much softer this way. But holy crap, it was so sweet I couldn’t even taste the almonds!

My friend saw me grinning and shook her head gently: “You can’t expect nougat to not be sweet, because otherwise, it wouldn’t be nougat anymore!”

I handed her my bar of nougat and said: “Well, then I’m done with nougat here!”

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– What Singaporeans have to do with nougat?

You can associate Singapore with a lot of things, but surely not with nougat. And the last thing I would expect is to try some nougat from Singapore. However, in hindsight, it seems like nougat and me share a never-ending story. And I’m very happy with it – now.

Although I was quite fed up with nougat, I was caught by curiosity when my friend handed me a bag of green tea nougat: “Look, you should try some of these matcha tea powder nougat, they’re from Singapore!”

“What on earth does nougat have to do with Singapore?” was my first reaction. “And what on earth is matcha tea powder doing inside of nougat?” was my second reaction. “Please tell me they’re not sweet!” was my third reaction.

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Photography: La Mangosteen – One of my favourites: black sesame nougat

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Before I tasted anything, I learned about the story of 3 Singaporean friends who are extremely passionate about nougat. They travelled all over the world, curated the best ingredients to create their own nougat and named it “3bitesfull”. They use green tea, black sesame, cranberry, macadamia and more exotic ingredients like bobochacha [contains taro chunks, an Asian desert] or satsumaimo [contains sweet potato] to create their nougat flavour.

How cool! Those Singaporeans didn’t care much about sticking to the traditional recipes; instead, they simply explored and experimented with their taste buds, creating nougats they like!

Very much to my pleasure, my taste buds love their nougats as well! I couldn’t believe it myself, that one day, I would say to myself: I like those nougats! But it’s true, 3bitesfull converted me from a nougat hater into a nougat lover (hm, well, only when it comes to 3bitesfull nougats I guess!). In fact, I’m almost addicted now…

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Photography: La Mangosteen

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3 things I love about 3bitesfull handmade nougats

It is NOT TOO SWEET! Yay! Finally a nougat that doesn’t taste like sugar! The choice of making nougat less sweet allows other flavours to come out. {To my friend in France: Nougat doesn’t have to be sweet at all!}

Being experimental while preserving the taste and quality of your product at the same time is difficult. But 3bitesfull pulled it off. I just love their playful concept.

The lack of artificial flavours, additives, preservatives and gelatine is a huge plus for all health-conscious consumers. We don’t need industrial nougat! Vive healthy nougat!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_message color=”alert-info” style=”rounded”]Get them at various online store like Naiise or hipvan. Or just drop buy at Moonstone bakery at Clementi Mrt Singapore to grab some bites.[/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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