Nala designs

“Nala designs work is the colourful product of a fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences.”
“Lisette Scheers gracefully translates the vibrance and dynamics of the Peranakan’s shades into her designs.”

Bring colours to your life and get inspired by Nala designs and Peranakan prints! My first encounter with Nala was at Kapok Singapore, then with bloesemblogs and now can’t wait to visit Nala designs / in in Kuala Lumpur the next time I get there!
Either jazzy stationary, sassy jewellery or exciting homeware, Nala designs nailed it all! Vibrant colours and compelling patterns – bold visual features of this gorgeous label!

The brainchild behind Nala designs is Lisette Scheers, a creative whose background is deeply rooted in the Asian culture {Dutch woman born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia}. Do I need to explain more where this fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences come from?

I’m already a huge fan of Lisette who translates so well and so gracefully the vibrance and dynamics of Peranakan’s shades into her designs.

One is for sure: Colour is in the air…

First 4 images {via bloesemblogs} by Tian Xing from Show Up Pictures and Styling by Irene Hoofs. Last 2 images  and video via Nala designs.



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