Metiseko – step into a visual journey through SEA prints!

There are no label that incorporates the modern South East Asian identity stronger than Metiseko. Working uniquely with organic cotton and natural silk {sourced in Vietnam}, Metiseko’s homeware and fashion collections are infused with traditional Vietnamese {and SEA} influences. Lotus, bamboo, lantern, dragonfly are some of the iconic motives that are used by Florence Mussou and her team.

Since my first encounter with Metiseko in their boutique in Hoi An {Metiseko has now a boutique in Hanoi as well} back in 2011, I instantly felt very close to both the design and philosophy of the label. I adore the eclectic mix of the colours and prints that seem like an invitation to a visual journey through South East Asian landscapes.

But why don’t you take a look at their collections and feel inspired by the South East Asian flair?

Water lily

Lotus leaf


Lotus flower

Metiseko’s homeware collections:

Photography + video is courtesy of Metiseko and Citypass.



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