Made by FabriX

A few years ago during my first trip to Singapore, I was really in need of  a protection for my notebook, and I had quite an idea about what I wanted. Something simple yet bold, robust and versatile, easy to handle and especially durable and not too pricy. Well, it was a lot of wishes at once, and I remember me searching for quite a while until I stumbled on Fabrix at Prints stationary.

My found was this 13′ canvas notebook protection in dark marine blue! And it’s doing a great job! I adore the robust material and the solid design, it’s definitely a quality product! It doesn’t come with a zipper, but a tie closure which I find much more elegant and practical. It’s been very useful and durable until now and I really hope it will accompany me for some more time.

Photos: La Mangosteen

Fabrix is a Singaporean brand and its collection includes other great hand-made designs, mostly suitable for apple-products. I like very much the latest Folio cases with crafted pattern in different flat colours. Very stylish and quirky! Bravo!

Photos is courtesy of Fabrix.



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