Leather art from Japan


If I could just return to this place again! It’s hidden under the earth, in a subway station in Osaka’s Namba Walk. And it’s full of pretty and feminine things. From bags and wallets to small card holders, Hirameki’s designs are both vintage and classic.

Do you fancy Japanese craftsmanship? Then you will be delighted by the Sukumo-leather used by Hirameki! It’s soft, silky and lightweight, but extremely durable and versatile. I’m still very happy with my wallet and cardholder from Hirameki after two years of use now.

Are you a friend of vintage printings? Then get ready to be hooked into their Kaleidoscope or Antique Croco collections! Colourful and chic, you also won’t be disappointed by the outstanding quality of leather-printing.

Everyday companion since 2 years now: cardholder in leather with cat motives.

Watch this alluring video about Hirameki’s Sukumo leather!

Photography: Hirameki



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