La Fiancée du Facteur


If you are a lady, its hard not to love the jewellery creations from La Fiancée du Facteur, a label created in 2011 by designer Penelope Cadeau. Like so many people who has travelled SEA and felt in love with the charm of this region, she also decided to settle down, to let her creativity run free, surrounded by colours, spices and sounds that inspired her.

The most stunning to me is the fact that the jewellery of  La Fiancée du Facteur is inspired by womanhood. Each collection pays tribute to a famous Woman, to her courage, intelligence or beauty, sense of humor. As a woman, this speaks to me a lot.

There is also another main feature that really marks La Fiancée du Facteurs jewellery: imagination. Penelope Cadeau really understands how to translate her thoughts and ideas, inspired by fine art and history, into each collection with great sensibility. Each necklace, bracelet, earrings, is unique and full of surprises. Each one speaks for itself, creates place for long contemplation.

But I better let the work speak for itself.

Images via LFDF with thanks.



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