Stelliyah – The beauty of hand-crafted jewellery

Wearing this necklace in wave-form from Stelliyah, I have received so many nice words from people. I’m not surprised that it catches so much attention: thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, it has a very unique character. I am ignorant of the techniques employed, but the wave-form of this jewellery highly compliments its avant-garde and sophisticated appearance.

Stella is the designer behind this gorgeous brand. And I just can say “thank you” to her for these intricate creations. What really stands out in the collection below are the raw stones in different colours and shapes. They look like tiny flower buds from a far, but just a closer look reveals that they are meticulously set into necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Her work is the finest handmade jewellery, that’s why no piece ever looks like another. But it’s carefully treated and it’s the imperfection in the perfection that I love the most about Stelliyah.

Photography the courtesy of Stelliyah

Note: Stelliyah is the female counterpart of Stale&co., two distinct labels running under the same umbrella by the designers and founders Stella and Daryl.



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