Hand-printed textile by Fictive Fingers

Having a deep love for minimalistic and meaningful patterns, I couldn’t help myself but to fall in love with Fictive Fingers from Singapore. Fictive Fingers is an “independent”(understand here human sized) textile design studio founded by the sisters Hani and Aisah, both sharing a great passion for handcrafted prints.

Working with traditional hand-printing methods {screen printing or block printing}, Fictive Fingers creates designs with a strong identity. Many of their patterns are inspired by Hani and Aisah’s native Malay culture, like this playful and charming Raga motive.

The iconic print got a name from its close resemblance to a Sepak Raga (a rattan ball used to play kick volleyball) kicked into the air, as the duo explains.

Besides making beautiful and timeless designs, Hani and Aisah value very much the human connection as they constantly find new ways to get in touch with people in order to share their passion and knowledge through various workshops and creative retreats. I’ll be joining their local tour in June and I’m utmost excited to get more insights about the delightful world of handprinted textile! Stay tuned!

First two images via La Mangosteen. Last image is courtesy of Fictive Fingers.



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