5 memorable gift ideas with stories from Singapore

Here is my personal selection of special and meaningful gift ideas for you.
I discovered a lot of them when I was myself looking for gift ideas for families and friends in Europe. I wanted to offer them something special from the region, but did not want to buy ordinary souvenirs that you can find in most tourist shops.

1. Super mama stands for outstanding craftsmanship and design, exploring the contemporary culture in Singapore while creating artefacts. I like very much their latest porcelain collection {a collaboration between Singaporean design and Japanese craftsmanship} questioning the concept of the Singaporean identities. What are other icons of Singapore, beside the Merry lion?
See how HDB flats, Tembusu trees {can be found in Botanic Gardens} or even the Singapore weather are integrated in contemporary designs.

2. Fictive fingers is a story of two sister sharing a passion for hand-made textile prints and good designs. Aisah and Hani Dalduri endeavour also the philosophy of slow living, creating timeless and beautiful designs which last over time! To me, their patterns and prints convey a lot of joy and charm, reflecting the good moments they spent designing and making their products – by their own hands!

3. Put together all the pieces created by Gracesmiths and you will see the unity of their design concept. Their pouches or cushions in the form of sushi, a hamburger, a croissants or a baguette look not not only playful and funny. They also explore our notion of food {see providence collection} in different cultures. I especially like their intercultural approach while comparing cultures with each other. And once again, it’s nice too see {as an expat} how food is such predominant amongst Singaporeans {and Asians in general?}!
Beside, this is a brand with a social cause. The pouches of the providence collection is sewn by beneficiaries of the Mother&Child project, a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged women.

Maybe one of these meals looks familiar to you?

4. Unlike Gracesmith who explores cultural nuances, Lee Xin Li’s illustrations give us some insights about {the Chinese} Singaporean {and Malaysian} food culture. What do people eat during Chinese New Year? What are the most important ingredients during certain festivities?
As I love pastries, I’m especially fascinated by his illustrations of Kueh, a typical pastry that you can find in many SEA countries like in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. Did you know that there were so many different kind of Kuehs?

5. One of my biggest discoveries last year is 3 bites full. Being a real nougat hater once, I’m a big fan of 3 bites full nougats today. {Still can’t believe it!}
Their bites taste just awesome! All ingredients are 100% natural. And they are not afraid of experimenting with different flavours, challeging the traditional taste of nougats!

{This Christmas, I offered those nougats to families and friends in France & Germany, and they were astonished by the fact that there are Singaporeans out there creating their own nougats! It was a great gift idea in the end, because it gave us a lot topic to talk about while trying these nougats!}

Photography is courtesy of Super Mama, Fictive fingers, Gracesmiths, Lee Xin Li and 3 Bites Full.



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