Home x Gallery by Kouichi Kimura Architects

Japan inspires me in many ways and there is especially one thing I keep being astonished by: the way spaces are being dealt with. During my first visit to Tokyo, I’ve already witnessed that space is an invaluable good in Japan. But the good thing is: sometimes drawbacks motivate (and oblige) people to be more creative and push architects and designers to simply be brilliant!

Designed by Kouichi Kimura Architects, this house is characteristic for it multipurpose use. It’s a gallery in addition to being a habitable space. The external appearance of the building already suggests the richness of the internal configuration.

What else do I love? The brilliant connection of separated spaces by large window frames. The minimal use of shapes and colours. The subtlety in the use of texture. The sense of privacy without being confined. Did I already mention the iconic passage linking the back courtyard to the street? And also this kind of unforgettable black blocks that shapes the horizon? Wouldn’t you agree with me that we can start dreaming? Now.

Images via Yoshihiro Asada with thanks.



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