Ode to geometric forms – Curious Creatures

Curious creatures

Larrissa describes her jewellery as “simple and quaint”. I think her collections are just gorgeous and graceful! Her distinctive handmade pieces are inspired by geometric shapes and symmetry that go well with every outfits. Vintage-style materials like raw stones or trinkets are beautifully combined into one-of-a-kind bracelet, necklace or earrings.

I love her decision to create unique handmade jewellery with reasonable prices.

Have a closer look at her collection and be ready to get hooked!

The favourite in my wardrobe: copper-tone geometric earrings in chevron drop. Made of brass and gold-plated hooks, these flirty earrings don’t raise any allergic reactions. Whether you prefer a boho or hip style, it fits on any occasions!

Lucky for me, I got to snatch this currently-not-available mid-long triangle necklace. The dainty design makes the piece unique and eye-catching in every combination. The brass chain is comfortable around the neck.



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