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Awesome and funky – Studio 248

I’m sure you will agree with me if I say Studio 248 is just a gem! I litterrally LOVE everything created by the trio designers from Bangkok. Each design is provocative and memorable. The combination of different materials makes each design a one-of-a-kind creation, here the cutting edge chair with steel rod and teak wood.

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Vito Selma – striving for perfection

Truly epic is the furniture work of Vito Selma from the Philippines that I discovered on a very nice curated online boutique Wooddesign.
Established in 2006, Vito Selma strives for perfection when exploring shapes, lines and textures that “are often repeated in the earth, the sky and the sea.” Do you simply feel the flow and movement of each table, chair or lighting design you’re looking at?

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Let’s play with wood! – Pana objects

Let’s have a look at these playful and nature-inspired creations from Pana Objects. This is no coincidence that this Thailand based brand  has chosen this name: “Pana” means “forest” in Thai and the 7 creatives behind this project take their passion – wood – very seriously!

Almost everything is made purely out of wood, small hand-picked pieces of breech wood to be exact. And they are transformed into functional yet stylish decorative items for home and office. Take this little desk lamp for example, there is really a lot of imagination in there. Or the tofu stationary set which plays around with geometric shapes. What a nice juxtaposition of man-made creations and nature!

Photography is courtesy of Pana objects

Pana objects is available online, in Thailand and also Singapore. Visit there website for more informations.

Park your bike with a stool!

I came to discover Oggi’s designs through this unique and innovative Bike Parking Stool. This is a great example of how strong aesthetic and functionality can be perfectly combined.

Beyond that, Oggi’s making beautifully proportioned furniture using patterned-wood. I’m very impressed by the minimalism and understatement of their collections, ranging from coffee table, working table to sofa and bed. They stick to clean and smooth lines, rounded edges as well as flat colours, creating an organic and natural feel.

It’s no surprise that Oggis well-crafted and innovative designs has drawn regional and global attention and won some prestigious awards such as Good Design and DEMark Awards as well!

Photography is courtesy of Oggi.

Oggi’s (mostly customized) collections are available online or at Thailand’s design and furniture fair (TIFF, BIG+BIH).

For cork lovers: Mazmoizelle is now also at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Would you like to go for eco-friendly accessories? Do you fancy cork fabrics? Then you should check out Mazmoizelle, now available also at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.