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Metiseko – step into a visual journey through SEA prints!

There are no label that incorporates the modern South East Asian identity stronger than Metiseko. Working uniquely with organic cotton and natural silk {sourced in Vietnam}, Metiseko’s homeware and fashion collections are infused with traditional Vietnamese {and SEA} influences. Lotus, bamboo, lantern, dragonfly are some of the iconic motives that are used by Florence Mussou and her team.

Since my first encounter with Metiseko in their boutique in Hoi An {Metiseko has now a boutique in Hanoi as well} back in 2011, I instantly felt very close to both the design and philosophy of the label. I adore the eclectic mix of the colours and prints that seem like an invitation to a visual journey through South East Asian landscapes.

But why don’t you take a look at their collections and feel inspired by the South East Asian flair?

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Hand-printed textile by Fictive Fingers

Having a deep love for minimalistic and meaningful patterns, I couldn’t help myself but to fall in love with Fictive Fingers from Singapore. Fictive Fingers is an “independent”(understand here human sized) textile design studio founded by the sisters Hani and Aisah, both sharing a great passion for handcrafted prints.

Working with traditional hand-printing methods {screen printing or block printing}, Fictive Fingers creates designs with a strong identity. Many of their patterns are inspired by Hani and Aisah’s native Malay culture, like this playful and charming Raga motive.

The iconic print got a name from its close resemblance to a Sepak Raga (a rattan ball used to play kick volleyball) kicked into the air, as the duo explains.

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Nala designs

“Nala designs work is the colourful product of a fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences.”
“Lisette Scheers gracefully translates the vibrance and dynamics of the Peranakan’s shades into her designs.”

Bring colours to your life and get inspired by Nala designs and Peranakan prints! My first encounter with Nala was at Kapok Singapore, then with bloesemblogs and now can’t wait to visit Nala designs / in in Kuala Lumpur the next time I get there!
Either jazzy stationary, sassy jewellery or exciting homeware, Nala designs nailed it all! Vibrant colours and compelling patterns – bold visual features of this gorgeous label!

The brainchild behind Nala designs is Lisette Scheers, a creative whose background is deeply rooted in the Asian culture {Dutch woman born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia}. Do I need to explain more where this fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences come from?

I’m already a huge fan of Lisette who translates so well and so gracefully the vibrance and dynamics of Peranakan’s shades into her designs.

One is for sure: Colour is in the air…

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Fashion that you can always count on – In good company

There is no secret that I adore classic and minimalistic fashion with a little twist. Yes! I prefer to keep it simple. And yes! It’s the little extra-touch that counts. In good company has it all in one. I truly like every single piece from their collections.

Seriously! Their style is not extravagant but still very chic. Using high-end fabrics,  In good Company is uncomplicated and comfyAnd most of all, I love those straight silhouettes with that futuristic touch!

How clever to combine subtle cuts with soft colours and intricate fold techniques to create eye-catching elements! Always expect a good surprise with In good Company!

All mums beware! In Good Company has a collection for girls as well!

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Made by FabriX

A few years ago during my first trip to Singapore, I was really in need of  a protection for my notebook, and I had quite an idea about what I wanted. Something simple yet bold, robust and versatile, easy to handle and especially durable and not too pricy. Well, it was a lot of wishes at once, and I remember me searching for quite a while until I stumbled on Fabrix at Prints stationary.

My found was this 13′ canvas notebook protection in dark marine blue! And it’s doing a great job! I adore the robust material and the solid design, it’s definitely a quality product! It doesn’t come with a zipper, but a tie closure which I find much more elegant and practical. It’s been very useful and durable until now and I really hope it will accompany me for some more time.

Photos: La Mangosteen

Fabrix is a Singaporean brand and its collection includes other great hand-made designs, mostly suitable for apple-products. I like very much the latest Folio cases with crafted pattern in different flat colours. Very stylish and quirky! Bravo!

Photos is courtesy of Fabrix.

Singapore: Who doesn’t love handmade textile prints?

The talented sister duo Hani and Aisah Dalduri are launching their new tote-bags collection on Monday 19th Jan. Fictive fingers makes great designs and endeavour a brand philosophy that I truly admire.