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A treat for the eyes and the soul: Marou – Faiseurs de chocolat

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Wait a second, I didn’t reveal to you my obsession yet? Here it comes: I’m desperately obsessed with Marou Chocolate, and that for some years now ever since I first encountered this wonderful treasure during my time in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

How could I not fell in love with Marou Chocolate? This bean-to-bar chocolatier, founded by Samuel Maruta and Vincent Maurou in Vietnam, is an experience per se that you have to discover. I guarantee: Marou will become a friend, a special gift or simply something that makes your life more beautiful! {I’m sure I’m not the first one who said such things about Marou Chocolate!}

From every single bar emerges a luscious and distinctive taste. Ba Ria 76% dark chocolate is my favorite and I find it works perfectly with red wine. But for coffee, I prefer Tien Giang 80% single origin with a texture I find slightly “softer” that balances well with a strong espresso. So tell me which “Marou” is your favorite because I’m very curious to know!

Marou chocolate isn’t only top-notch gourmet chocolate but also outstanding packaging design. I’m a huge fan of the {award-winning} bold and gorgeous screen printed wrapping paper by Rice Creative. My confession: I can’t throw the packaging paper away!

This week-end, I thought I could shoot some pics to share with you how Marou Chocolate continues to be a wonderful part of my life ever since…

Enjoy this dear everyone because you can grab Marou at many  gourmet boutiques and coffee shops around the globe.

Where did I grab my bars of Marou Chocolate?
In Ho Chi Minh City at L’Usine and Annam Gourmet.
In Singapore at Robinson de Heeren.
In Sete at L’Epicerie-Sete.
In Berlin at Berliner Kaffeeroesterei.

Photography: La Mangosteen.

On my mind

Any bar of this wonderful treat would make my day.
Marou. Faiseurs de chocolat.
Made in Vietnam.

{Price winning packaging by Rice Creative}


Paper is a very versatile medium and I remember having a lot of fun making little Origami stars during Christmas season. Unfortunately, I never had enough patience to make a passion out of it. But seeing the work of Melvin Ong, the talent behind Desinere, I just want to try out some paper folding techniques again.
There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty and elegance of Desinere’s designs. From lamp shades to spin top and decorative {Victorian inspired} ornamental paper collar, everything looks truly delicate. I don’t know how you feel, but this graceful and airy designs make me think of Milan Kundera’s famous novel “The unbearable lightness of being”. Imagine!

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Nala designs

“Nala designs work is the colourful product of a fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences.”
“Lisette Scheers gracefully translates the vibrance and dynamics of the Peranakan’s shades into her designs.”

Bring colours to your life and get inspired by Nala designs and Peranakan prints! My first encounter with Nala was at Kapok Singapore, then with bloesemblogs and now can’t wait to visit Nala designs / in in Kuala Lumpur the next time I get there!
Either jazzy stationary, sassy jewellery or exciting homeware, Nala designs nailed it all! Vibrant colours and compelling patterns – bold visual features of this gorgeous label!

The brainchild behind Nala designs is Lisette Scheers, a creative whose background is deeply rooted in the Asian culture {Dutch woman born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia}. Do I need to explain more where this fascinating mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences come from?

I’m already a huge fan of Lisette who translates so well and so gracefully the vibrance and dynamics of Peranakan’s shades into her designs.

One is for sure: Colour is in the air…

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The art of bookbinding

There are several things that I’m addicted to, for example to notebooks. I already have some sort of a collection at home. And even if I don’t always really have use for them, I can’t help myself but to snatch the ones that caught my eye on many occasions. No limitations are set in my choices, it can really go from a classic moleskine to handcrafted ones. There is only two criteria that are important to me: the design and the quality of the paper.

Because I’m also a coffee-addict, I was immediately attracted by a this brilliant design inspired  by our beloved beans! The notebook cover is made out of used coffee bags collected from all over the world. Mine comes from Japan (yay!).

The booklet itself is pure bookbinding beauty. It’s well-thought and personal, with many sections to fill in with personal thoughts.
Booklets are all hand-stitched together. The stitches are covered with beautiful masking tape patterns. A stamped coffee drip filter is placed as a separator of some sort.  To be honest, each notebook was given the same level of attention and finish: it was hard to pick one!

Kate is behind all these creations, follow her on Instagram to see more from her sharing about coffee bags, beans and more. Or just go to Gallery Drip Coffee at Thailand Art and Culture Centre, maybe she’s be around and will explain to you what her inspirations come from.

{Gallery Drip Coffee has also great coffee and other findings for all coffee lovers as well! More from them in another post!}

Kate – the designer herself!

Check out for more insights about design development in Thailand: