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All you need is wood – top 12 South East Asian designers

What is your favourite material? Mine is undoubtedly wood {of course, we’re talking about solid wood here!}. I love the texture, the smell and the sense of it. Especially when it comes to design, I’m always fascinated by the way designers explore and transform different types of wood into unique pieces, sometimes incredibly intricate, sometimes just simple.
Wood is a fascinating living thing. It shrinks, expands, wears out with time and a wood art designer must keep this in mind when planning out the dimensions of a piece.

But I better let their work speak…

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Are you in the mood to add some wonderful things to your kitchen? Amaï’s  collection of ceramic is smooth, soft and yet so vibrant. The kind of pastel I like!

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The Tokyo Tribal

industry +

These days I’ve been swooning over this beautiful Tokyo Tribal collection which includes functional pieces with a little twist. The stools, chairs, tables and shelves by nendo designed for Industry + are made of solid oak, volcanic plaster and hand-woven bamboo rattan. I love the combination of materials and how tribal elements/patterns are elegantly integrated in the whole design. It’s compact, modern and extremely handsome. Don’t you agree?


Images via Industry +

A treat for the eyes and the soul: Marou – Faiseurs de chocolat

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Wait a second, I didn’t reveal to you my obsession yet? Here it comes: I’m desperately obsessed with Marou Chocolate, and that for some years now ever since I first encountered this wonderful treasure during my time in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

How could I not fell in love with Marou Chocolate? This bean-to-bar chocolatier, founded by Samuel Maruta and Vincent Maurou in Vietnam, is an experience per se that you have to discover. I guarantee: Marou will become a friend, a special gift or simply something that makes your life more beautiful! {I’m sure I’m not the first one who said such things about Marou Chocolate!}

From every single bar emerges a luscious and distinctive taste. Ba Ria 76% dark chocolate is my favorite and I find it works perfectly with red wine. But for coffee, I prefer Tien Giang 80% single origin with a texture I find slightly “softer” that balances well with a strong espresso. So tell me which “Marou” is your favorite because I’m very curious to know!

Marou chocolate isn’t only top-notch gourmet chocolate but also outstanding packaging design. I’m a huge fan of the {award-winning} bold and gorgeous screen printed wrapping paper by Rice Creative. My confession: I can’t throw the packaging paper away!

This week-end, I thought I could shoot some pics to share with you how Marou Chocolate continues to be a wonderful part of my life ever since…

Enjoy this dear everyone because you can grab Marou at many  gourmet boutiques and coffee shops around the globe.

Where did I grab my bars of Marou Chocolate?
In Ho Chi Minh City at L’Usine and Annam Gourmet.
In Singapore at Robinson de Heeren.
In Sete at L’Epicerie-Sete.
In Berlin at Berliner Kaffeeroesterei.

Photography: La Mangosteen.

Haori Cup by Tomoya Nasuda

Although La Mangosteen mostly covers unique designs from South East Asia, there is no reason to hide other beautiful works from around here. This time I would like to introduce the Haori Cups from the Japanese designer Tomoya Nasuda that I spotted on Spoon & Tamago.
Tomoya Nasuda had the fantastic idea to combine two Japanese crafts together when creating his Haori Cups. Known for the pure whiteness, Hasami Yaki is the type of porcelain using to craft the cup. This in turn is “wrapped” based on the wood bending technique called Hakata Magemono. The result is quite stunning. Don’t you think?

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On my mind

Any bar of this wonderful treat would make my day.
Marou. Faiseurs de chocolat.
Made in Vietnam.

{Price winning packaging by Rice Creative}