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Talk with Ouu from By Myself handcrafted

If you read my latest post about By Myself handcrafted, then you might have noticed how impressed I was when visiting the atelier and boutique of Ouu Tanawat Kuansuwan, the designer and founder behind this brand.

Recently, I was given the honour to interview this passionate and brilliant designer {Thank you Ouu!} from Bangkok, talking with him about how far designs play a role in his life and the vision that led him to be a humble and accomplished designer!

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Leather art from Japan


If I could just return to this place again! It’s hidden under the earth, in a subway station in Osaka’s Namba Walk. And it’s full of pretty and feminine things. From bags and wallets to small card holders, Hirameki’s designs are both vintage and classic.

Do you fancy Japanese craftsmanship? Then you will be delighted by the Sukumo-leather used by Hirameki! It’s soft, silky and lightweight, but extremely durable and versatile. I’m still very happy with my wallet and cardholder from Hirameki after two years of use now.

Are you a friend of vintage printings? Then get ready to be hooked into their Kaleidoscope or Antique Croco collections! Colourful and chic, you also won’t be disappointed by the outstanding quality of leather-printing.

Everyday companion since 2 years now: cardholder in leather with cat motives.

Watch this alluring video about Hirameki’s Sukumo leather!

Photography: Hirameki

With heart and soul – By Myself

– By Myself: Hard to find, hard to forget –


It’s been a while since I came back to Bangkok. This time, I wanted to visit some places and designers that I’ve read about before. By Myself was definitely in my top 5.

I knew the shop was located in warehouse 5 in the famous Asiatique in Bangkok. But firstly, I could hardly imagine the size of the place (it was gigantic!), consisting of 9 warehouses which in turn offers different sois (“streets” in Thai) with uncountable souvenir shops (which were not my target) and a few designer places (which were my targets!). Secondly, our lack of understanding in the way the warehouses were arranged made it almost impossible to locate warehouse 5 easily. After walking up and down, and making wrong turns into various alleyways, I finally found number 5017 – the boutique of By Myself.

Tanawat (“Ouu”) Kuansuwan working in his boutique and atelier

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Thailand: Tuscany leather in Thai design

I love vegetable-tanned leather from Italy, but I even love it more when it’s meticulously treated by By Myself. What will be No. 17?

A hobbit house you will love – Cincinati

– A hobbit house with things you will love – 

Have you ever been to a shop whose ceiling was so low that you could not stand tall, but you were so happy being in this place that you didn’t notice that you had been bending over for almost an hour, amazed by all the things you saw? Your neck was stiff and in pain when you left this place, but you were still happy?

Can you spot Cincinati’s entrance amongst other tube houses?

Everyone who has been to Saigon knows that in Vietnam, it is very usual to see “tube-houses”, very long in depth, but astonishingly narrow. This was the people’s response to the property tax rule which targeted sites facing the street. The narrower the house was, the less tax one must pay.

Cincinati is located in the heart of Saigon in one of the houses that you can say is narrower than a narrow house could be. The shop starts right where its entrance is: a small corridor with beautiful leather bags hanging on the wall, inviting me to go further until I reached the landing.

Collage stairs

View from shop entrance.

The stairs took me to another level of the site with the main part of the store. But since it was originally not the second floor, but only the mezzanine, my head could reach the ceiling. Although you cannot say that I’m a tall person, I could not stand upright.

It was astonishingly funny to see my 7-foot friend almost crouching on the floor when he was looking at the objects, like a giant sniffing his goods. And there were really lots of goods to sniff out in this tiny place: all kinds of travel bags, hand bags, purses, iPad and iPhone covers, business card holders and other travel gear. One section was dedicated to shoe lovers as well.

I must say that although I needed only a purse, my concentration was also very much distracted by other products. And I didn’t at all expect that amount of variety and quality in such a tiny place. My joy was pleasantly unexpected.

As for my friend, he obviously enjoyed being a giant in this place. First bending and crouching over the objects, he had before long traced out his solution in a large, comfortable sofa in one room’s corner (as if the shop owner had predicted this kind of situation).

He collected 5 or 6 objects at once, then took them to his sofa to have an easy sit. Seeing him inspecting and validating item for item himself, I realised what a real leather fanatic he was.

We both agreed that this place was a heaven for all leather fans coming to Saigon, because not only was everything 100% crafted leather, but it was also well-designed and carefully finished with small details.

But have a look at their collection and decide which one is your favourite!

Beautiful details – embossed Logo


Beautiful details – “stitched” look border