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Hey Camel ceramics

hey camel ceramics 4
hey camel ceramics 5

As I share a deep love for ceramics, I couldn’t help myself but swoon over the beautiful works of Hey Camel ceramics, a ceramic studio in Ho Chi Minh City which offers also ceramics workshop for old and young.

Alejandro is the face behind Hey Camel Ceramics and his designs are full of sensibility and surprises. I love the way he explores the shapes and textures or includes striking pattern in the pots, cups and spoons he creates. Especially, believe it or not, the colours and textures of Hey Camel ceramics make me feel calm and relaxed. How strange and beautiful! Alejandro, may I ask you for your glazing recipe? Please 🙂

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Sadect district

It’s a long week-end here in Singapore where Diwali is celebrated. I decided to take time for some pottery making and just wish I could head over to Sadect District in Saigon to get inspired by their beautiful ceramic collection. If I would still be living in Saigon and were looking to decorate my home, Sadect District would be my first place to go.


Image via Sadect District with thank.


amai 5
amai 6

Are you in the mood to add some wonderful things to your kitchen? Amaï’s  collection of ceramic is smooth, soft and yet so vibrant. The kind of pastel I like!

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Haori Cup by Tomoya Nasuda

Although La Mangosteen mostly covers unique designs from South East Asia, there is no reason to hide other beautiful works from around here. This time I would like to introduce the Haori Cups from the Japanese designer Tomoya Nasuda that I spotted on Spoon & Tamago.
Tomoya Nasuda had the fantastic idea to combine two Japanese crafts together when creating his Haori Cups. Known for the pure whiteness, Hasami Yaki is the type of porcelain using to craft the cup. This in turn is “wrapped” based on the wood bending technique called Hakata Magemono. The result is quite stunning. Don’t you think?

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Authentique home – “the tenderness of clay”

The first time I browsed over the pottery collection of Authentique home I was instantly blown away by its beauty and pureness. Established in 1995 by the sculptor and designer Doan Thanh Nghia, Authentique home is a Vietnamese based studio that reunites three workshops, each exploring different materials. There is Cam Kim for carpentry, Cam Ha for ceramics and Cam Giang for textile.

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Super mama

Super mama stands for outstanding craftsmanship and design, exploring the contemporary culture in Singapore while creating artefacts. I like very much their latest porcelain collection {a collaboration between Singaporean design and Japanese craftsmanship} questioning the concept of the Singaporean identities. What are other icons of Singapore, beside the Merry lion?
See how HDB flats, Tembusu trees {can be found in Botanic Gardens} or even the Singapore weather are integrated in contemporary designs.

To get in touch with Super mama and to browse through their beautiful collections of unique design and art pieces from all over the world, visit their boutique Gallery at Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q.

Images via Super mama.

Thai design & IKEA

I can’t emphazise on how much I support Doitung as a social project in Northern Thailand. Its main mission is to build a better standard of life for the people living in a once deforested region due to opium production. And above all, they are great artisans!

No wonder they caught also IKEA‘s attention. In 2013, this project has been introduced to a bigger international public. Handmade pottery and textile could be purchased in selected IKEA houses, e.g. in Austria. Watch this short Video to get some interesting insights!

Photography is courtesy of Doitung.

Doitung + IKEA