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Blue lotus

I love flowers, of all kind. And there is something about dry flowers that I can’t help but just being addicted with. This Sunday, the lotus that I put to dry one week ago just turned blue. Exactly like I wanted. They make a great decor for our interior, don’t you agree?

Sunday inspiration

Design inspiration for today: wooden spoons that I could snatch from Sadec District . Don’t know yet if I will ever use them, they’re too cute! Do you also share the love for ceramics and small little things? Come down to Sadec District in Saigon to discover, or simply to get inspired!

Photography: La Mangosteen

Hey Camel ceramics

hey camel ceramics 4
hey camel ceramics 5

As I share a deep love for ceramics, I couldn’t help myself but swoon over the beautiful works of Hey Camel ceramics, a ceramic studio in Ho Chi Minh City which offers also ceramics workshop for old and young.

Alejandro is the face behind Hey Camel Ceramics and his designs are full of sensibility and surprises. I love the way he explores the shapes and textures or includes striking pattern in the pots, cups and spoons he creates. Especially, believe it or not, the colours and textures of Hey Camel ceramics make me feel calm and relaxed. How strange and beautiful! Alejandro, may I ask you for your glazing recipe? Please 🙂

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Home x Gallery by Kouichi Kimura Architects

Japan inspires me in many ways and there is especially one thing I keep being astonished by: the way spaces are being dealt with. During my first visit to Tokyo, I’ve already witnessed that space is an invaluable good in Japan. But the good thing is: sometimes drawbacks motivate (and oblige) people to be more creative and push architects and designers to simply be brilliant!

Designed by Kouichi Kimura Architects, this house is characteristic for it multipurpose use. It’s a gallery in addition to being a habitable space. The external appearance of the building already suggests the richness of the internal configuration.

What else do I love? The brilliant connection of separated spaces by large window frames. The minimal use of shapes and colours. The subtlety in the use of texture. The sense of privacy without being confined. Did I already mention the iconic passage linking the back courtyard to the street? And also this kind of unforgettable black blocks that shapes the horizon? Wouldn’t you agree with me that we can start dreaming? Now.

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La Fiancée du Facteur


If you are a lady, its hard not to love the jewellery creations from La Fiancée du Facteur, a label created in 2011 by designer Penelope Cadeau. Like so many people who has travelled SEA and felt in love with the charm of this region, she also decided to settle down, to let her creativity run free, surrounded by colours, spices and sounds that inspired her.

The most stunning to me is the fact that the jewellery of  La Fiancée du Facteur is inspired by womanhood. Each collection pays tribute to a famous Woman, to her courage, intelligence or beauty, sense of humor. As a woman, this speaks to me a lot.

There is also another main feature that really marks La Fiancée du Facteurs jewellery: imagination. Penelope Cadeau really understands how to translate her thoughts and ideas, inspired by fine art and history, into each collection with great sensibility. Each necklace, bracelet, earrings, is unique and full of surprises. Each one speaks for itself, creates place for long contemplation.

But I better let the work speak for itself.

Images via LFDF with thanks.

Sadect district

It’s a long week-end here in Singapore where Diwali is celebrated. I decided to take time for some pottery making and just wish I could head over to Sadect District in Saigon to get inspired by their beautiful ceramic collection. If I would still be living in Saigon and were looking to decorate my home, Sadect District would be my first place to go.


Image via Sadect District with thank.