Boracay in low season.

It’s our first time in the Philippines and we’re just amazed by the beautiful landscape here. Seems like all the predictions we heard came true: “You’ll see, it’s the best beach in South East Asia!”, “Philippines people are naturally the friendliest!”, “You’ll love the snorkeling spots!” etc.

Although July is considered as a low-season month, we still got to enjoy the turquoise, crystal clear water, the blue sky with its breathtaking clouds constellation, the underwater world that I knew only from TVs. No matter how long you stay in Boracay, I would highly recommend an island round-trip with the traditional sailing boat ( Paraw sails)! You’ll see: it’s a wonderful island, a precious piece of nature that needs to be protected!

white beach

white beach 2white beach surf board

hotel collage

White Beach – the longest and the most popular.
Even on rainy days it’s impeccable! Many hotels and restaurants are built along side the white beach. Our hotel was literally on the beach itself. Enjoying the privilege being so close to nature, we were still concerned that buildings were constructed to close to the beach.

Kuta beachPuka Beach –  book a sailing boat (also possible: motor boat) to reach this prestine and less crowded beach! The water is –  as almost everywhere along the island – amazingly blue and clear.

activities collageCrystal island: jump from 3, 5, 7, 9 or 10 meters height. Crocodile island: snorkeling at its best!


Photography: La Mangosteen



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