Best pineapple tarte in Singapore

In a few days  on Feb 19th people here in Singapore will be celebrating Chinese New Year. The whole town is in such a festive mood. Lively decorations on houses and buildings, lanterns through out the streets of China Town, groups of men practicing the dragon dance on the streets for the upcoming performance. It’s also interesting to see the people getting excited, making the last preparations for the most important feast of the year.

And surely, there is one thing that can’t be missed during this occasion: pineapple tarts amongst so many other typical local delights that can be found in those hundredfolds of pop-up stands. It’s such a good occasion for me to introduce to the oversea readers the famous brand Bengawan solo (because I probably won’t tell anything new to locals and residents!).

It’s a bakery with a long history and tradition, founded by Mrs. Anastasia Liew back to 1976. Now at the age of 67, Mrs. Liew is still actively involved in the production process, making sure that every recipes is perfected as she want (how amazing!). Bengawan solo is very well-known for its many delicious kuehs from ondeh ondeh to kueh lapis, and of course, my favourite – the pineapple tart.

I find their recipe very delicate. The crust is extremely tender and buttery, reminding me a bit of the taste of croissants and of the German “Vanillekipferl” (biscuit made of almond pastry and vanilla sugar). The pineapple jam filling is subtle, juicy and not too sweet.

Must try (beside the famous pineapple tart):

ondeh ondeh: poached rice cake stuffed with palm sugar and coated with shredded coconut

kueh lapis: a many-layered spice cake with a rich and bouncy texture

pandan chiffon cake: a light textured and fluffy cake based on the flavour of pandan leaves (also available in orange)



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