Bangkok’s hidden charm

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– The charm of Bangkok – 

What is your strongest impression when walking on Bangkok’s street? The heat and humidity that you’re struggling with? The crowds of people that you’re trying to get through? The spicy fragrances around each corner? Or simply, like myself, you are just impressed by the city’s architectural charm?

It’s not the magnificent temples or monuments I’m thinking about, it’s the chaos and randomness of the buildings and constructions, the thousand-fold of shapes and silhouettes twining into other shapes and silhouettes everywhere that struck me from the very first second.

While high rise buildings can be seen just alongside an old temple, modern shopping malls are sitting next to old teak houses. Tree roots just covered some offsite buildings. Electric cables twisting together like tangled cords. And not to forget the grandiose shape of the Sky Train rails dominating, stretching throughout the city like a gigantic vein. Everything seems to be interconnected with everything else, somehow communicating at its own pace.

One can really argue about whether these bustling interactions of buildings, houses, sites and nature are too busy, too tiring or too oppressing or not. But it’s hard to simply pass by without being astonished.

Bangkok is a city with many faces and I suppose each of us has a different association with the city. I assemble some of my photographic impressions about Bangkok in this compilation of BKK street scenes.

Share with me your feeling and impressions about BKK. Leave a comment!

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