My name is Alice and I welcome you to La Mangosteen – a design and travel journal in and around South East Asia.

I started this project in 2015 simply out of my passion for design and travel, trying to link both. This is a place where I will be sharing with you curated discoveries from a region that inspires me.

La Mangosteen-Design is a platform where you will discover {mostly} human-sized local brands and independent designers from and around South East Asia. Contemporary designs that will reflect a modern expression of local crafts, made by the people living here. Curious to know more? Please head this way.

La Mangosteen-Travel  focuses on meaningful travel ideas, sharing destinations that we personally know or even have lived in. I curate and hand-pick inspiring as well as soothing places for design-lovers, for the curious {and maybe also sophisticated} travellers and for everyone who wish to discover South East Asia with a different perspective. Are you ready for the first read?

Currently based in Singapore, I will of course feature more about this lovely country. But there are no rules here, so expect anything from around here.


Known as “the queen of fruits”, Mangosteen is a tropical fruit native to South East Asia.
She also has some very unique visual features, which makes her very poetic and surprising. Its deep purple rind is thick, but once opened, you can discover a beautiful edible white core.

The logo of La Mangosteen simply stands for a multi-cultural, creative and surprising South East Asia that is thriving beneath the surface.


Growing up in different cultures {Asian and European}, I’m fascinated about discovering new things and linking them with my old habits. Amongst design and travelling, I also share a deep love for photography and good food.
Discovering yoga, the art of ceramics and spending some blissful moments with my close friends are other wonderful moments that I have in South East Asia.

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Happy browsing!

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Notes for this page: All articles have been written and a large part of the pictures are taken by myself. In places where they aren’t, I will credit the original source. In case you think that I use your photos or credit them wrong, please contact me and I will remove them.

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