6 jewellery designers from Singapore to fit all your moods

1. This jewellery will make you feel stronger 

Mandy Wu‘s collections is inspired by human’s strength and vulnerability, sensuality and rationality. These are the concept that she explores with her jewellery, working with contrasting shapes, elements and materials. Given the fact that Mandy is self-taught, he creations are even more impressing.

2. This jewellery will make you feel sophisticated and avant-garde

Carrie K.‘s jewellery is very well-known amongst the Singaporean design scene and there is a reason for that: she is extremely talented! Her artisan-crafted jewellery is non-conforming and provocative, surprising. My favourite collection of her is Liquid metal, it’s elegant and in many ways beautiful.

3. This jewellery will make you feel beautiful

Stelliyah‘s work reflects the pure beauty of hand-crafted jewellery. Each piece of her collections tells a story, evokes a different colour of life and nature. The designer Stella’s passion for history, art and craft is very visible in her gorgeous designs. {Read full post here}

4. This jewellery will make you feel “funky”

Curious creatures‘s collections celebrate geometric shapes and symmetry. The pieces are simple yet “quaint”, as described by the designer Larissa, and perfect for everyone who loves an uncomplicated style.

5. This jewellery will make you feel “natural”

Asymmetrcl, another brand which inspiration is drawn from geometry. The designs are uncomplicated and elegant, and definitely a must if your are drawn into raw stones such as quartz or pyrite.

6. This jewellery will make you feel more “mindful” 

Last but not least, this is a brand to know and to respect, because Saught is not only making great designs, but also working closely with NGOs on the de-mining process in Cambodia. Students, artisans and families involved in the project are provided with food and lodging. All jewels of Saught are made out of former artillery materials (Read full post here).

Photography is courtesy of Mandy Wu, Carrie K., Stelliyah, Curious creatures, Asymmetrcl and Saught.



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